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May 12, 2023

The Wellington Senior Living Explores Stress and Anxiety Management

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Author: Holly Belanger, Regional Wellness Coordinator

Each day we go through our lives making decisions, worrying about the future, or maybe having concern about our health. It is only natural that we experience both stress and anxiety in some form at some level. Stress is defined as any demand placed on your brain or physical body, while anxiety is specified as fear, worry, or unease. Although defined differently, they are connected and share the same symptoms. Most of us experience stress, anxiety, or both at some point, whether from work or our personal life.

At The Wellington Senior Living we are aware of proven techniques to help ease the symptoms of stress and anxiety, including lifestyle changes, such as exercise and diet. We also know unmanaged stress and anxiety can interfere with your daily life and affect your physical and mental health.

I have struggled with stress and anxiety since I was young. My first feeling is overwhelmed, as if the walls are closing in, then my heart beats faster. I feel as though the world around me is crashing down and I can’t stop it. I start to feel sick to my stomach, to the point I can’t eat, and then become very fatigued.

Frequent, excessive, persistent worry and fear about everyday situations or interactions that could have a negative outcome can trigger stress and anxiety. Often, stress and anxiety create barriers between friends, family, and coworkers and interfere with daily activities, such as work or home life.

Frequent symptoms can be both physical and psychological, such as trouble sleeping, anger or irritability, overwhelming feelings, increased heart rate, and a sense of impending doom. To help cope, there are specific techniques to use. Try thinking more positively, find humor in situations, use your problem-solving skills, and manage your time by making a list of the top-five things that need to be done. Eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and exercising help you live a better lifestyle, and they also help reduce stress and anxiety. It is important to remember, you cannot change everyone, just yourself.

Some stress and anxiety are expected, but if you feel it becoming unmanageable and affecting your daily life, a healthcare professional can help you develop new coping skills.

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